Modeling the creation of a Learning organization by using the Learning Organization Atlas Framework

In a continuously changing external environment, the learning organization can provide a competitive advantage. However, the concept has been largely criticized for the lack of guidelines and tools on how it could be developed. This undermines the opportunity for the development of the learning organization. This paper aims to contribute toward the debate on its creation by proposing a Learning Organization Atlas Framework approach. This framework comprises of the facets of the learning organization that characterize them, a Learning Organization Grid for the analysis and benchmarking of organizations, a Learning Organization Atlas that can be used for developing models of them, and a Learning Organization Road Map that includes the intentions of the organization and the strategies to achieve those intentions. With the framework and its four elements, we propose a method for modeling the learning organization and organizational change by providing embedded flexibility. The next level for research is in identifying the influence between different facets, strategy selection, and development of guidelines for models of learning organizations.


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