Hidden Champions of the Republic of Macedonia

The Republic of Macedonia is a small landlocked country with nice people, tasty food, and a lot of sunny days. Throughout its history, the present-day territory of Macedonia has been a crossroads for both traders and conquerors moving between the European continent and
Asia Minor. Each of these transiting powers has left its mark upon the region, giving rise to a rich and varied cultural and historical tradition. For over 500 years, until 1912, Macedonia was under the rule of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. After the Second Balkan War, the territory
of Macedonia was divided between Bulgaria, Greece, and Serbia. After that, the present-day area of the Republic of Macedonia was incorporated into the newly formed Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. After the Second World War, the Republic of Macedonia
became one of the constituent republics of the new Socialist Federal Republic of …


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